Sample Report Revision History

December 4, 2013       current version

Removed “CONFIDENTIAL” watermark from each page as this is intended to be a freely circulated document

April 30, 2013

Removed Roman numbering from Introduction; all pages are now sequentially ordered beginning with page 1

April 26, 2013

Figure ACCR–5: “Country Participation”
Fixed a bug in SAS code causing incorrect means for region totals

November 6, 2012

Figure ENDPT–2: “Hazard Ratios: All-Cause Mortality”
Added interaction p-values.

September 1, 2011

Figure ENDPT–1: “All-Cause Mortality”
Added the panels titled “Difference in Cumulative Event Rates” and “Difference in Log(Cumulative Hazard)”.

June 1, 2010

First version posted to website